Residents in evacuation areas size up storm warning

Many in Montecito told to leave

Teams of volunteers were making sandbags and helping Montecito residents early Tuesday morning. (John Palminteri/

MONTECITO, Calif. - Some residents who have been told to evacuate in Montecito and Carpinteria are apparently taking their time before they make a move. 

Thousands have been told to relocate prior to the arrival of a potentially dangerous storm.

There have been no obvious signs of cars streaming out of the area  as we have seen in the past.

The all volunteer Bucket Brigade made a call out to its members and those who want to help to begin making sand bags.

"We have the crew that is paid through FEMA that is doing disaster relief work in coordination with the Bucket Brigade,  we have members of that team here, we also have volunteers from the community and we have people that have showed up and want to help," said Abe Powell with the Bucket Brigade.

They were working off of two piles in Lower Manning Park in Montecito.
 "People are here to help you get through this.   It makes it safer in here  where people can just drive right through and load up and get out as opposed to a traffic jam.  And you have people who get pretty good at making bags," Powell said.

Walls of sandbags are going up in many neighborhoods.

Search and Rescue teams along with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's department were out early in the morning notifying residents of the evacuation alert.
They posted  informational flyers at  properties or made personal contact at the front door.

The mapping had crews going from Olive Mill Road

in Montecito to Gubernador Canyon in the rural areas of Carpinteria.

Some areas were well known for problems in heavy rain.

Cynthia Withers was coming out of a grocery story and said,  her home is  near  "Oak creek so it is smaller than the other creeks. I hasn't over flowed in the past. We have an easy access to see how high it goes.   I am not in the mandatory evacuation zone.  I am a tweener zone."

She said her neighbor is in the evacuation zone.   A confusing situation for them but they figure it out as they go.

She also has backup supplies. "We did get a generator this time so that we have power which is new." 

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