Locals, visitors react to 7.1 magnitude earthquake felt in Santa Barbara

Reaction to big earthquake on Santa Barbara's State Street

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - About 200 miles from the epicenter of Friday's massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest, Calif., most who spent the evening on State Street in Santa Barbara still felt noticeable shaking.

"Most of my customers were in a panicked kind of situation," Tamira Restaurant general manager Remmie Menzes said. "I said 'What's going on?' And then I saw the chandelier moving and then I realized, I said 'Oh wow.'"

Amy Asheroff, visiting from Los Angeles, has had the feeling before.

"It's like that moment, is that an earthquake, is that not an earthquake? And then you're just waiting for it to get bigger," she said.

"I didn't even feel it at all, and then all of the sudden we just had one table just run out," Jordan Gomez-Zavala said, recounting the moment as he was working at The Andersen's Restaurant.

"We were at dinner, all of the sudden, we feel shaking," said Jenna Yablonicky, in town visiting from San Diego with her family. "Then the lights swaying, and then I hear my mom scream."

"I got under the table!" Jenna's sister Brooke said. 

Friends Katie and Kelsey, visiting from Arizona, had different experiences. 

"The past two days, my boyfriend and I have been walking the dogs when the earthquake occurred, and we didn't feel a thing," Katie said.

Kelsey, like most of Southern California, did notice something right away.

"Kinda felt a little bit like vertigo," she said. "It was weird. I didn't like it. I'd prefer not to have it happen again."

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