A close call for a car collector after Thursday's quake

Thursdays earthquake a close call for local car collector

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Many can sleep well tonight after there were no reports of damage during this afternoon’s earthquake.

That includes one model car collector who says his collection of 8,000 cars was not damaged in the quake.

When the Santa Barbara resident felt the 5.3 earthquake Thursday afternoon, his first instinct was to check his cars.

“I ,thought the models… I wonder how they are behaving themselves in the room and garage and fortunately everything looks like its all okay,” said Jim Moloney.

Moloney says in the event of a more disastrous earthquake, all of his cars are insured.

“I thought, I hope we don’t see another earthquake and who knew within 24 hours we had this one,” said Moloney.

Santa Barbara County Fire Department responded to Thursday afternoon’s quake by surveying for damage.

“They are looking for structural damage, road damage infrastructure whether it be gas lines, roads electrical things like that,” said Public Information Officer, Dave Zaniboni.

While talk of the next big one looms after Thursday’s quake, the fire department says it is ready.

“We’re prepared for anything mother nature throws at us and she has thrown a lot at us in the past few months,” said Zaniboni.  


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