Highway 1 near Lompoc set to close for construction Wednesday

Highway 1 near Lompoc set to close for construction Wednesday

LOMPOC, Calif. - Highway 1 will be closed between Jalama Road and Santa Rosa Road near Lompoc on Wednesday.

The road will be closed from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Motorists are advised to use State Route 246. 

"246 Highway, it probably adds at least a half hour," said Jeremy Smith who commutes to Santa Barbara for work. "There's a lot of one-lane roads, you know. So it still takes longer, you have to get up earlier in the morning. If you got kids that are starting school right now, you know you're gonna have to figure out what you're gonna do."

The work is part of the Salipuedes Creek Bridge replacement project.

Highway 1 will remain open for local traffic between the U.S. 101/State Route Interchange and Jalama Road with access maintained to Jalama Beach County Park. 

A traffic signal is in operation 24/7 through May 2020 because of these full closures and will maintain one-way traffic control with the width of each lane reduced from 12 to 11 and a half feet.

"I know it's just one day, but hopefully it doesn't happen too often to us," said Julie Vences, who also commutes to Santa Barbara for her job. 

Others say any added congestion is nothing compared to traffic in bigger cities like Los Angeles.

"I go back and forth quite a bit down to Santa Barbara and so going on that highway is very important," said Bob Kerrebrock. "But originally I'm from Pasadena, so traffic here is absolutely wonderful."

According to Caltrans, about 9,000 vehicles travel on Highway 1 through Jalama road on a busy day.

CalPortland Construction of Santa Maria is in charge of this $5 million project. This project is expected to be completed in Summer 2021. 

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