Betteravia and Highway 101 traffic flow improvement project on track to wrap up in August

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - As the Enos Ranch retail corridor continues to grow, traffic at one of Santa Maria’s busiest intersections has many drivers seeing red. 

The construction along Betteravia Road began at the end of June and is a little more than halfway done. 

“It was a problem when they changed it to only one turn lane, coming on the offramp it backs it up onto the freeway itself,” said Lacey Katyryniuk of Santa Maria. 

“You’re missing the light three, four, five, times just to get through,” said Steven Cox of Santa Maria. 

Drivers will soon be able to put their frustrations in the rearview mirror.

“The paving was finished last week and the electrical is taking place right now. We’re putting in the sensors, in the next few weeks we’ll be putting in the traffic signals, the striping in the next few weeks and then opening it up,” said Mark van de Kamp, Santa Maria City Spokesperson. 

Tens of thousands of vehicles use the Betteravia 101 intersection every day.

“We’re doing this because it’s a very needed traffic improvement and this is one of the busiest intersections in the entire city,” said van de Kamp. 

Drivers exiting Highway 101 southbound will soon gain one new right turn lane onto Betteravia Road.

“If they’re going to add more than one right turn lane, then that’s definitely a welcome change,” said Katyryniuk.

Drivers on Betteravia headed to northbound 101, can expect a longer turn lane.

“About 300 feet long on Betteravia that’s heading toward the northbound ramp that’s capable of holding about 20 to 30 cars that will be a big, big improvement for people who are trying to make their way out and over,” said van de Kamp.

The Gas Tax funded traffic flow improvement project is on schedule and should reach its final destination by mid-to-late August.

“It’s definitely a lot better than the year that most work projects take,” said Cox. 

The updates are said to cost $900,000 dollars.

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