Victor Martinez trial continues with testimony from trauma surgeon

Victor Martinez trial continues with testimony from trauma surgeon

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Monday's testimony in the trial of Victor Martinez was filled with hours of descriptions of Marilyn Pharis's care from trauma surgeon Doctor Thomas Bosshardt.

Aside from her assault, Pharis entered the hospital as a patient known to have high blood pressure, hypertension and atrial fibrillation also know as a-fib.

Doctor Bosshardt says when a person's heart goes into a-fib, the heart doesn't beat normally and blood tends to pool more. He also says when the blood can't flow normally - it can lead to a clot.

This was brought into question several times throughout Dr. Bosshardt's testimony as Pharis was given aspirin - a known blood thinner as part of her treat.

Pharis was kept on bed rest with compression stockings on as doctors were concerned she could fall if she tried to move herself causing to bleed more.

Doctor Bosshardt says the stress and anxiety Pharis was under however after her traumatic attack ended up putting her heart into a-fib. It wasn't long before a blood clot formed and she eventually died.

While the defense's main argument is the maltreatment at the hospital killed Pharis, Doctor Bosshardt said Monday he maintains the blunt force trauma led to her pulmonary embolism.

Jurors are expected back in court Tuesday at 1:30. 

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