Ventura County's first quintuplets graduate from high school

Ventura Countys First Quintuplets Graduate

VENTURA, Calif. - As graduation week approaches, Ventura County’s first quintuplets will be marching down the line to receive their high school diploma from Foothill Technology.

The Bova Clan's high school days are coming to an end. Abigail, Emiline, Kathryn, Nate, and Samuel will all graduate from Foothill Technology High School on Thursday.

Yes! Five kids, the first quintuplets delivered in Ventura County back in 2001.

“I describe it as an assembly line,” said Joe Bova, who is the father to the quintuplets. “All five kids came out in less than two minutes.”

Bova said he and his wife had a difficult time getting pregnant.

“We adopted our oldest son when he was two months old and then low and behold like a year later we find out that we find out that we are going to have five kids,” said Bova.

“The number one question we get is ‘Are you guys all together? You guys are all in one family?,’ said Nathan Bova, who is one of the two boys of the Quintuplets.
“We prefer to avoid the topic and pretend we are just friends,” said Samuel Bova, who is the other son.

The three Bova girls say they loved every moment of their childhood together.

“We are really close, I mean we do everything together,” said Katie Bova. “We have always been on the same basketball teams..”
“We share a room,” said Emilline Bova.
“We are like best friends,” said Abigail Bova.

These five have spent 18 years of life together. After summer they will be heading in different directions. Sam will be heading to Syracuse University, Katie and Emiline plan to attend George Fox University in Oregon, Abigail is going to Westmont and Nate will be at Ventura College.

“I have gotten emotional a few times just thinking about it, just because I know I am going to miss them a ton,” said Abigail. “But it is also a really exciting time.”
“I think it will hit us when we are saying good bye for the last time,” said Katie.

Joe is not only father to the five, he’s also their principal.
“We would say it is very different than most peoples high school experience, but I would not trade it,” said Katie. “I loved having him here.”
“He did a pretty good job of letting us do our own thing and distancing himself,” said Emilline.

Joe has been the principal at Foothill for 17 years. The kids were just babies when he got the job. On Thursday he will be handing diplomas to his children as they each begin their own journey into the future.

“The thing that I am most proud of is that they are good people and they want to make a positive difference in the world,” said Joe Bova.

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