Ventura County

Ventura police arrest man causing disturbance at local hotel

Suspect assaults officers

VENTURA, Calif. - Ventura police arrested a man who caused a disturbance at a hotel and assaulted peace officers in Ventura Friday night.

Officers responded to the Travelers Beach Inn located at 929 E. Thompson Blvd. after receiving reports of a man disturbing guests. 

Andrew Hodges, 43, was not a registered guest of the hotel but was causing a disturbance. 

Officers tried to make contact with Hodges but he was unresponsive and walked away. 

Police were able to stop Hodges on the second floor of the hotel. Hodges continued to ignore the officers' requests to sit down. 

A fight broke out between Hodges and the officers which made officers request back up. 

Police arrested Hodges and took him into custody after back up arrived.

Hodges was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

He may face felony charges of resisting a peace officer, attempting to remove an officers weapon and vandalism. 

Hodges also has a prior record of a 2019 conviction for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and resisting a peace officer. 

He was also convicted for resisting a peace officer in 2016 and 2017.

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