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Ventura couple evicted from harbor with little explanation

VENTURA, Calif. - A Ventura couple says they are being evicted from the Ventura Harbor without an explanation.

"We are a little baffled," said Jackie Woods. "We have had this boat for 25 years in our family, and we have lived in Ventura for the last 20 years."

Wood and partner, Greg Collier, are trying to find a new place to dock their boat. Back in July, the couple rented a spot at Safe Harbor at the Ventura Isle Marina. Just three weeks later they were told they had to leave.

"We said, 'Why do we have to move?' They said there was a complaint, and so we questioned them more," said Woods. "'What is the complaint about?' They would not tell us. In the lease it does say that they can actually evict or move your boat at any point without any reason."

Woods says the marina manager insisted they relocate to a condemned dock at the Harbor known as the "H dock", but the couple refused. They then got hit with the eviction notice.

"So we said, 'Why don't you move us to your sister marina, Anacapa Isle?,' but they said they had no slips available," said Woods. "But we checked last week and there are 10 slips available."

Woods believes they are being singled out with no place to go.

"At this point and time, all the marinas are full and there is no live-on-board status available in general in this community, which I think also needs to be looked at for the Port Authority," said Woods. "Ventura City needs to take a look at the percentage that is allowed, because in this economy with the housing crisis we have, it needs to be more than 10 percent in a marina."

Most marinas operate on rules where no more than 10 percent of boats can have people living on them. Greg Collier is living off on his disability income after a cycling accident 10 years ago that almost killed him.

"I was out climbing some hills in Santa Barbara, and I was hit from behind by a car and put into a coma for a month and I have been rehabbing ever since," said Collier.

The once-Hollywood camera man is currently on serval waiting lists to live aboard his boat, but has been told it could be several years before a slip opens up.

"We do not have the money to rent an apartment," said Woods. "You know people wonder how someone gets on the street well this is our it starts. All of a sudden there is"

We had brief contact with Harbor Management, but they have not commented on this situation at this time.

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