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Racist text blasted through a Camarillo high school has parents pulling their kids from class

High School race issues

OXNARD, Calif. - Accusations of racist encounters with students has one mother pulling her daughter out of a Camarillo High School.

“A student decided that he wanted to type out the N-word hundreds of times and send out a mass text on a school app,” said Dana Hurt, the mother of a student at Rancho Campana high school. “Then another student shared that so it was shared a couple of times.”

On Monday, a racist message was sent out among students in a school group chat at Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo.

“It was targeted towards the black kids,” said Hurt.

Hurt is the mother of freshman Amari Hurt, who was one of those students who felt attacked.

“I was shocked at first and then I was really mad,” said Amari Hurt.

According to the Hurt family this isn’t the first racist incident at the school.

Hurt says that a student yelled racial slurs at Amari back in October.

“We had a student in her class tell her, ‘Whoop them slaves,'" said Dana Hurt. “He laughed and ran out.”

“It is so offensive,” said Amari Hurt. “People do not understand that the N-word is racist. It is a horrible word. It should never be said, and I am very uncomfortable hearing it and very uncomfortable with people saying it."

The top administrator for the school district is taking a strong stance against hate or intolerance of any kind.

“I would like everyone to know that there was appropriate student discipline given for this incident,” said Penelope De Leon, the Superintendent of schools of Oxnard Union High School district. “When we found out this was actually a post given on a social website, we blocked the website and gave a very strong discipline. We believe discipline isn’t the only action. We need to educate students, and make sure they understand and appreciate diversity.”

The district says they are in the process of implementing ethnic studies as a graduation requirement.

But Dana Hurt had enough and pulled her daughter from Rancho Campana. She wasn’t the only one.

“As of yesterday four black students withdrew from that school,” said Dana Hurt.

“We started the school year with 22 African American students at Rancho Campana and five have left and two of those five left for reason that had nothing to do with this past incident what so ever,” said De Leon.

Dana Hurt says she’s hoping it is the last time Amari experiences racism.

“It wrong. It is so wrong,” said Amari Hurt. “I don’t see what people do not understand about that.”

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