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Oxnard streets temporarily blocked off due to hazardous materials incident

OXNARD, Calif. - A hazardous materials incident happened early Thursday afternoon in the Oxnard industrial area.

Oxnard City Fire Department received a call around 10:24 a.m. about a hazardous materials incident on the 1700 block of Ives Avenue in Oxnard.

Oxnard City Fire arrived and upgraded the incident by bringing in more units.

Ventura City Fire, Oxnard City Fire, Ventura County Fire along with HAZMAT units responded on scene.

During an investigation, they found that a 55 gallon chemical called Ammonium Bifluoride was transferred into supposedly clean container and a reaction occurred during that process.

Officials are speculating that there was metal residue within the container that caused the reaction with the Ammonium Bifluoride causing a gaseous form to be released.

Three people complained about breathing issues but declined to be transported to the hospital.

Officials evacuated the building along with two adjacent buildings in the area.

Approximately 200 people were affected by this incident.

Some other buildings were forced sheltered in place.

Oxnard Police Department closed Ives Road and Rose Avenue in both directions along with Ives Road and Pacific Avenue. 

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

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