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Nurses picket Dignity Health in protest of unsafe conditions

Nurses picket against Dignity Health

CAMARILLO, Calif. - Hundreds of registered nurses from Dignity Health spent their Tuesday picketing outside of St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo.

The nurses are protesting against what they say are unsafe conditions at three of their hospitals.

Hundreds of registered nurses marched up and down Antonio Avenue in Camarillo as part of a fight for safer conditions and adequate patient care at all three Dignity Health facilities.

"It is about providing safety, providing the staffing for patients, the right amount of supplies and making sure the environment that we provide care in is safe and secure," said Adriane Carrier, a nurse at St. John's in Oxnard.

Carrier has been a registered nurse here for 12 years and says she along with other nurses feel unsafe. Protesting nurses said there's a lack of security. They say one to two guards will secure the entire hospital at one time. 

"It is very difficult for nurses to give patient care and to focus on the needs and demands of our community and our patients when we do not know if someone dangerous is going to bust through the unlocked double doors of the ER or of our units," said Carrier.

"Northridge Hospital has about eight security guards per shift, Central Coast, the other dignity health hospital, they have about eight to nine security guards and we are asking them to do what is normal," said Gabriel Gullen, an RN coordinator.

On top of the security concerns, registered nurses also report regularly working 12-hour shifts without breaks.

"I am being asked to do the job of three or four other people at the same time while trying to provide care for my patients, and we can not just do that," said Carrier.

Dignity Health released a the following statement: 

"Please know this informational picket will not impact patient care in any way. We remain dedicated to serving our patients with high-quality and excellent care."

Dignity Health did not comment on the number of security guards currently at each of its facilities.

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