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Man arrested after threatening a security officer with a weapon in Ventura

VENTURA, Calif. - A man was arrested for trespassing, threatening a security officer with a weapon and possession of methamphetamine on Monday. 

Around midnight on Monday, patrol officers responded to a call regarding a disturbance on 303 North Ventura Avenue in Ventura. 

The suspect fled on foot before the officers arrived. He was then located nearby and detained.

The suspect is named Andrew Martinez, 26.

The investigation found that Martinez was previously arrested for trespassing at the location. On Monday, he was found by the security guard for trespassing again on the property. When he was asked to leave, the suspect pulled out a nine-inch-long railroad spike and threatened the security guard. 

The security guard backed away and called 911. 

The Ventura County's Superior Court's case inquiry system shows Martinez having a history of crime with four arrests for trespassing, three arrests for possession of narcotics paraphernalia, one time arrest for possession of burglary tools and one time arrest for possession of a banned substance. 

Martinez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, threatening a security guard's life, possession of a dirk/dagger and possession of methamphetamine. 


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