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City weighing changing the name of the Port Hueneme Pier

PORT HUENEME, Calif. - The City of Port Hueneme will discuss changing the name of the pier during Monday's city hall meeting.

Over at the Port Hueneme Pier you will see many casting away, enjoying a day of fishing. But for many living near the Pier they’ve grown to love, it might be getting a name change.

“It has been known as the Port Hueneme Pier for years,” said Bill Kanavalv, a resident of Port Hueneme.

In December Port Hueneme city councilman John Sharkey retired after 24 years, the second longest in Port Hueneme history. Fellow councilmembers came up with a few ideas to honor his service.

“One was the renaming one of the coastal facilities for Mr. Sharkey because he had been an advocate for many years of the city’s beaches and coastal resources,” said Rod Butler, Port Hueneme City Manager.

Once word got out the idea was on the agenda, several showed up to speak out and in a big way.  

“We got probably 60 emails over the weekend and I would say at least 55 of those were opposed to changing the name,” said Butler.

“It means a lot to everybody,” said Kanavalv. “You know when you say Port Hueneme people recognize the name.”

“I think if they change the name, we would still call it the Hueneme Pier,” said Francisco Vega, another resident of Port Hueneme.

The name has been part of the pier since it was built back in the 1950s. The city took that into consideration, as well as public opinion and made a decision even before the night's meeting.

“The plan at this point is to when the council approves the agenda at the beginning of the meeting we will come forward and say this item will be removed by the request of council member Munoz Schnopp and there will be no discussion or action of that,” said Butler.

The pier's name will remain the same for now.

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