United Launch Alliance workers strike outside of Vandenberg Air Force Base

This comes after failed labor negotiations

VAFB, Calif. - As part of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers, United Launch Alliance employees came together Monday from Alabama, Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base to demand what they say is fair negotiation. 

ULA employee Gavin Brunner says the company is changing a lot of its working conditions, making them nervous about their job security.

"It's not fair to the other employees that we can go from the production facilities and launch sites and vice versa. One of the other issues we have are the issues with sub-contracting, to where we think that might be a possibility to open up the chance to maybe some job losses," he explained. 

ULA has responded to the strike by saying: "We’re disappointed that the IAM members rejected ULA’s last, best and final offer and voted to strike. We believe our proposed contract is very competitive with other companies. Importantly, ula’s final offer contributes to ula’s long term viability in an increasingly competitive launch business environment."

These negotiations impact about 300 people in Decatur, 220 in Cape Caneveral and 75 at Vandenberg.
It's unclear at this time if they will end up going back to the negotiating table. 

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