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Psychologists recommend limiting screen time following shootings

Psychologists offer advice to parents...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Children are likely to overhear adults talking about the recent shooting or see TV coverage of them.

They may already know that one of the shootings happened in a Walmart or that children died at the Gilroy Garlic Festival or that a gunman in Ohio killed his sister, too.

Dr. Erika Felix has some advice for parents sensing signs of stress such as crying, and trouble sleeping.

The licensed psychologist and University of California, Santa Barbara Asst. Professor said,"If you have kids ask what they think about, what they are seeing, and what they are hearing, because it is a lot of places young people go, so they are thinking about this, so if you are a parent start the conversation and just let them lead where it goes."

She recommends limiting exposure to social media and TV.

"Limit your media exposure because once you get these images in your head, they all hurt our hearts and our souls and it affects us."

It is still okay to go back to school shopping or to the fair, just reassure that you and others will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Felix said know you limits, and take part in positive ways to help and honors those hurt by what has happened.

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