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Bullied Lompoc student falsely accused of shooting threat

LOMPOC, Calif.-- - Update [1/17/2019 5:18 p.m.]

A student at Lompoc Valley Middle School accused of making a school shooting threat turns out to be the victim of bullying, according to Lompoc police.

Police said they received a report of a school shooting threat Wednesday, Jan. 16, that would happen during lunch hours on Jan. 17, 2019.

Officers immediately started an investigation into the alleged threat but could find no evidence of the threat in any form or who made the alleged threat.

This morning officers interviewed more than 20 people and determined a threat was never made via social media and the student accused of making the threat is actually a victim of ongoing bullying, according to police.

The Lompoc Police Department says it takes alleged threats seriously, no word on what if any punishment the person/student who made the fake call about the threat will face.

Lompoc Police say an alleged online threat against Lompoc Valley Middle is not credible.

Sgt. Kevin Martin told us there's no screenshot of the statement, and officers are only hearing rumors through 3rd or 4th parties.

Officers have not confirmed what was posted or who said it Wednesday night.

“If my kid were a student, they'd be going to class today”, said Sgt. Martin.

A letter was sent out to parents and there will be a heightened police presence on campus Thursday to alleviate concerns.


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