Thousands of people left camping supplies behind when evacuated from Lake Cachuma

Cachuma Camping supplies left behind

Empty tens, abandon bikes and food all left behind after the mandatory evacuation took place once the Whittier fire struck. People had only grabbed the essentials before hitting the road.

“If you can imagine that is a lot of people trying to get out of here all at once," said Santa Barbara County Fire Public Information Officer Dave Zaiboni. "All their camping gear is still here. They just got up and left."

Nearly 3,000 people were camping at Lake Cachuma on Saturday. Thirty minutes after the Whittier fire struck they had to evacuated.

The only fire damage on this camp ground was down at the boat yard. That is where several boats, and trailers were burnt to a crisp. Back at the campsites just a half a mile a way pricey tents and camping supplies are left waiting to be collected.

“We are trying to figure out when it is safe to get people in," said Zaniboni. "They will probably be coming in from the North and the 154 and we will probably be using some law enforcement as escorts to get people in here, but it’s 3,000 people so it could be several more days.”

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