Solstice summer camp kicks off with mechanical bubbles

Solstice Summer camp kicks off

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - One group of students has found that the inner-makings of a Summer Solstice float is the next best thing to a school experiment and arguably, more fun and colorful.

"I really like the creativity and having to recycle all this stuff from the last parade and making new things," said Elena.

"Meeting new people and making the float was really fun," said Sophia.

"I like seeing it in the parade, like, 'I got to do that!'" said Chloe.

The three girls are enrolled in the 2019 Solstice Summer Camp which kicked off Monday at the Garden Street workshop. The trio and others spent much of the day building a netting system for a contraption with giant bellows, weights and levers.

"I'm making the world's biggest bubble machine, analogue bubble machine," said Caroline Hambright, Solstice Camp Director. "So, I've made gigantic bellow, fireplace bellows, so there's a lever and a weight that raise those giant bellows and I have bubble wands on a crank that I made out of bike parts. The whole thing is going to look like it's in the forest and we're elves making magical bubbles."

Solstice Summer campers get to help assemble the pieces and actually be in the float during the Solstice Parade which is coming up fast, on Saturday, June 22 at State Street.

This year's parade theme is 'WONDER.'

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