Shocking cell phone video shows how fast mudslides destroyed Montecito

Shocking cell phone video shows how fast mudslides destroyed Montecito

MONTECTIO, Calif. - As the window for survival closes in, the search continues for four people, still confirmed missing from what authorities are calling a once every 200-year weather event.

The missing include two-year-old Lydia, a 17-year-old boy named John "Jack" Cantin, 28-year-old Fabiola Benitez Calderon and 53-year-old John Jack Keating.

Aerial drone footage of the thick sludge and debris on U.S. Highway 101, helps explain why part of California's busiest freeway is still shut down, days after the mudslide that now covers 30 square miles of Santa Barbara County.

Crews are working around the clock to clear roads and restore power but 7,000 people are still under a mandatory evacuation order.

Through damaged cars, trees on the ground and debris from people's homes, search teams continue to look for victims in Montecito.

"You never give up. Why give up hope? I mean there's people down there who are hoping, what right do I have to give up hope?" asks Doug Van Iwaarden, CATF-5 Fire Apparatus Engineer and Canine Search Specialist.

A recent home video shows the frantic scene one family faced as the mudslide ravaged their coastal community. David Grokenberger described what he saw on Tuesday as apocalyptic.

"When Bill called me and said Dad look at this, I looked and I went, we can't get in the car, it's being swept away by a 5-6 foot wall of mud and debris and then I looked over and said where's the 3-car garage. It was gone. I don't mean just a stick or a roof. It wasn't there," said Grokenberger.

Cell phone video shows the mud filling up the family home. Quickly rising, stair by stair.  But the house remained intact and the family was able to escape. Some of their neighbors did not.

"We lost some of our best family friends and what all these other families are going through. We're lucky, its just hard to think about how lucky we are. When they are not so lucky," said Billy Grokenberger.

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