Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson urging people to stop victim-shaming

More sexual misconduct allegations come forward

Senator HannahBeth Jackson urge...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson is calling for changes as the number of sexual misconduct allegations against her colleagues mount. 

Senator Jackson has served in her position for more than 5 years. She's seen controversies grow, including powerful people abusing their power.

“We’re seeing the perpetrators are people with tremendous power over their victim. They feel and they have been to get away with his behavior with impunity," said Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, (D) California.

She's seen women being afraid to speak up when they're emotionally and sexually harassed because they're afraid to lose their jobs and public scrutiny.

“There isn’t a woman I know who hasn't, at some point or another in their career, been a victim of sexual harassment," "said Jackson.

She believes society needs to change the 'culture' of blaming victims and not pushing consequences for everyone including those with power.

Senator Tony Mendoza, of Artesia, is being investigated for inviting a young female staffer to his Sacramento residence for sex. 

On Monday, Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra who represents the San Fernando Valley announced his resignation as Majority Whip because news about 6 women coming forward was released. 

“I’m optimistic in a sense that there are more women who are coming forward about stories where we know are true when you have dozens and dozens of people coming forward," said Jackson.

Education both males and females about respecting each other and their bodies could be the answer.

“We’ve got to make sure men and women know which behavior is okay and not okay, that won’t be accepted," said Jackson.

Most importantly, Jackson believes consequences should be enforced. 

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham for the 35th District issued the following statement: 

"It is disturbing to hear allegations of sexual harassment at the state Capitol.  There should be zero tolerance for this, and anyone proven to have engaged in this kind of activity should be seriously disciplined and should no longer serve in the Legislature.”

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