Central Coast woman receives $50,000 smile transformation

Domestic violence survivor now has reason to smile

Central Coast woman receives $50,000 smile transformation
SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Before her reconstruction journey began, every time Celia Reyes was asked to smile, she hesitated - ashamed of the hard times she's been through, reflected now in her smile.
"In some ways I was living in the past - always reminded of that pain," Reyes says.
That pain was an abusive relationship; she was left with very few teeth and had trouble eating most foods.
"Very little we could choose to eat and it causes dietary issues too because there's so many fresh vegetables you can't crunch down on," she explains.

Celia's daughter saw an ad on Facebook for a local oral surgeon's office accepting applications for a smile reconstruction and she decided to apply.
"I thought what a great gift it would be you know what if she could get picked for this - how much it would impact her life and change the way she viewed herself.. I thought it would be such a blessing if she won," says Crystal Reyes.

Beating out more than 600 other applicants, Celia's painful story struck a chord with the surgeons.
"Her upper teeth were decayed and fractured - she had no stable bite at all and she really fit the bill for the perfect candidate," Dr. Kenneth Goldberg from Coastal Oral Surgery, tells us.

In total, $50,000 worth of oral surgeries were performed alongside donations from Robertson Dental Lab and Dr. Brian Hanratty, DDS.
The change now inside Celia Reyes however, is priceless.
"It's empowering - it helps you open doors in your own self, [allowing] your abilities grow," Reyes says.
Celia tells us she hopes to now continue with charity work and looks forward to eating as many crunchy vegetables as possible.
For more information on the procedure, contact the Coastal Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center.


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