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Santa Maria business owner combats package thieves during holiday season

Santa Maria business owner combats package thieves during holidays

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It's that time again when more people shop online for the holiday season than any other time during the year.

Donna Wilson owner of A La Carte in Santa Maria is opening up the doors of her business to help the community. She's offering people the option to ship their packages to her store instead of shipping it to their homes when they aren't there. 

A surveillance video showed what appeared to be a man taking something that isn’t his right off of someone’s front doorsteps. It only took seconds.

"I was surprised when I saw yesterday that a package had already been stolen,” said Wilson. 

The package belonged to a family on Foxenwood Drive in Orcutt. It was swiped in just 5 minutes after the mailman left it at a home.

"How can we stop thieves from stealing packages? Have them delivered somewhere you know someone will be 7 days a week,” added Wilson. 

She's trying to come up with a solution to a growing problem especially during the holidays. 

"I want people to feel secure that they can have their packages sent to me and have them picked up,” said Wilson. 

Instead of sending a package to their home, people can send it to Wilson’s business A La Carte in Santa Maria located at 230 E. Betteravia Road #H. 

"Order online, ship it in their name, in care of  A La Carte and I will keep a log,” said Wilson. 

She will then keep track of how many packages are coming and call their owner when they arrive. They will have to show their I.D. to prove the package is theirs.

"I will use Donna’s service,” said Jennifer Gratiot. 

Wilson’s customers like Gratiot are on board with the idea.

"It seems to be an ongoing problem every year more and more packages are stolen,” she said. 

Wilson’s store is open seven days a week. She hopes other businesses also open up their doors to this idea.

"To have a business open up it’s more of a safe option,” said Jayme Shope, who also agrees with this idea. 

"There’s no reason thieves should be happy at Christmas and not families,” said Wilson. 

Wilson said she does have security at her store to make sure people's packages will be safe.

She said she is willing to have this service all year round, especially on major holidays when people receive packages.

For more information, you can reach Wilson at her store at 805-925-3272.

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