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Roadwork improvement project begins in Santa Maria

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The City of Santa Maria is warning drivers they may face short delays during a surface seal concrete improvement project. 

The roadwork started Monday and will continue through December in the Santa Maria Country Club area. 

Banyon Way, Ocotillo Avenue, Marlberry Drive, Lorencita Drive and are among the streets where crews will be working. 

The project includes the removal and replacement of some trees, root trimming, removal and installation of new curb and gutter, sidewalk improvement, and new curb ramps. 

The city is contracting with J.J. Fisher Construction, Inc. to perform the $700,000 project. 

This also involves the installation of approximately 15,000 square ft. of sidewalk, 12,000 square ft. of spandrel, 2,000 ft. of curb and gutter, and 13,000 square ft. of curb ramps. 

City officials say construction crews will move quickly from street to street. 

Parking is not allowed in active construction areas. 

The contractors will post construction notices along streets with the dates and times when parking is prohibited. 

The roads are open to traffic but pedestrians will face detours and temporary sidewalk closures during construction. 

City staff request that drivers obey all temporary construction signs ad reduce driving speeds in construction areas. 

The city encourages drivers to use alternate routes to avoid delays and minimize inconveniences. 

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