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Renovations at Shaw's in full swing as crews push for mid-October reopening

Renovations at Shaws in full swing as...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - If you’ve been craving some classic Santa Maria barbecue listen up, we now know when a Santa Maria institution is reopening.

Our cameras spotted major work being done at Shaw’s Steakhouse on S. Broadway Wednesday. 

We’ve been getting calls and emails from viewers, asking about Shaw’s. A giant crane could be seen in the sky today and crews are hoping to wrap up renovations by the fall. 

Just like the shell of a building you see here, the community was also gutted when a January fire practically destroyed iconic Santa Maria steakhouse Shaw’s.

“Trusses going up today. That’s a big day, that’s big movement for us,” said Kristta George, RCS Construction Owner. 

“This is what will hold your roof after we put this up we’ll sheet it. What’s today, Wednesday? Beginning of next week you’ll see a roof on this place,” said Ray Noriega, RCS Construction Superintendent. 

Beam by beam, a framework has emerged. 

Serving as a light at the end of the tunnel or in this case, the surviving oak wood bbq pit - which couldn’t have been rebuilt due to an updated code.

“I know the community is super excited to have Shaw’s come back. There were rumors whether or not it was going to open back up, we’ve known all along that it was, so to be a part of that is a huge, exciting feeling,” said George. 

George says the past six months have been emotionally exhausting and demo got off to a slow start due to our rainy spring.

“With our demolition permit, we were able to demo the whole building. We were able to cut out everything we needed to cut out knock out walls we needed to cut out,” said Noriega. 

Barring any hiccups, George is pushing for a mid-October reopen date.

“We know that Shaw’s is definitely an icon in the city of Santa Maria and we’re just really excited to be a part of it,” said George. 

Crews say once the roof gets put on, the rest of it will fall into place pretty fast. 

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