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Hate the rise in gas prices? We found the cheapest stations in Santa Maria

Hate high gas prices we found...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Gas prices on the Central Coast are going up again and Californians are feeling the burn.

With prices as high as $4.19 per gallon, people are bargain shopping for the lowest gas prices in Santa Maria. 

Foods Co. on Broadway and Enos Drive is the best deal in town at $3.59 per gallon.

"I came here because it's the cheapest one in town. The gas prices are going crazy. I have three kids, I can't afford it," said Nicole Hernandez.

Other Santa Marians are willing to wait in line to get gas at the second cheapest place in town: the Arco at Broadway and Donovan is selling gas at $3.63 a gallon.

Santa Maria resident Juana Domindung said she will go where the deals are.

"Every time I come here it's cheaper than the others. I am not working right now. I am only going to put $12 in because I can't afford more right now with the high prices," said Domindung.

But over at Donovan and Highway 101 we found the most expensive gasoline selling over $4.19 a gallon at Chevron. 

Experts say overall demand for oil is rising, so prices are going up. American policies such as sanctions on Iran and Venezuela also have an impact.

"It's a lot of political issues that are causing all these high prices," said one Santa Maria resident.

Other oil supply disruptions have contributed to the rise, like floods in the Midwest and unplanned outages.

"It's crazy! I work in AG so I have to commute every day, like three days, it's a lot," said commuter Esmeralda Salgado.

Other commuters like camper and truck drivers are feeling it the worst.

It's been less than a year since a new gas tax started paying for better roads and those drivers would like to see the results faster.

"Spending $300 to fill up your tank. That is just crazy. And we have the worst roads in the county too," said California motor home driver Jeff Epperson.

"Everything in California costs more, it's that extra tax they are putting on us and the roads are not getting any better," said independent truck driver Vernell Moss.

Some good apps people can use to shop for the best prices near them are Gas Guru and Gas Buddy.

Just keep in mind many times the prices that are listed are cash prices or prices if a car wash is purchased as well.

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