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Firefighters rescue dog from burning garage in Lompoc

One person injured in Lompoc garage fire

Firefighters rescue dog from burning garage in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - This is one lucky puppy after a fire broke out in a Lompoc garage, leaving firefighters to search for the dog inside. The owner evacuated with minor injuries.

"Depending on the information we get when we arrive that changes our tactics and of course the level of anxiety for fire personnel - if we can just focus on structure firefighting, it makes things a lot simpler for us but if we have to coordinate efforts and look for individuals inside of a home, that makes it a challenge," explains Battalion Chief, Brian Federmann.

That's why firefighters say they're glad the man inside the home notified them to look for the dog.

"Typically an animal may go to a safe refuge area or under some furniture or hide behind things so if we know that ahead of time that that's what we're looking for we kind of have a better idea of where to search as opposed to common areas that we may find human beings," Federmann says. 

But now one witness on social media says the dog was living in poor conditions, with its mouth and paws bound together with rubber bands. He wrote on Facebook:"Thank god his house caught on fire, if not who knows how long he would have left this dog in there."

We have reached out to the Lompoc Police Department who are now handling that side of the investigation to see if those claims are true. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

For now, the fire department says one teaching moment to come out of this is the importance of smoke detectors. "The resident was able to be awoken from a working smoke detector and those are one of the number one saving tools anyone can put inside their home," Federmann says. 

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