ASAP Cat Shelter not at full capacity, yet

Shelter supervisor: 'We have a gaziillion cats'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The folks at the Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP) in Goleta are pouncing on misinformation floating around and wanted to make a correction after staffers mistakenly put word out this week that the local cat shelter is at full capacity.

It is not.

However, there are so many cats and kittens at the facility, staff and volunteers are having to make housing adjustments for the felines. Many of the cats are in single cages rather than the larger double size, or, placed in an overflow area.

"We have about 140 cats at the shelter and about 70 kittens in foster and probably about 30 adults cats that are seniors also in foster placement," said Becky Morrill, ASAP Cat Shelter Operations Supervisor

Luckily, people are stopping in at the Overpass Rd. facility and looking through the cages in hopes of adopting.

One woman wanted an emotional support cat to help with her anxiety. Two young girls wanted a kitten.

Morrill said Whisker Wednesday is a good day to adopt because cats that are five months and older are only $10 dollars.

"We're hoping we can pull at people's heartstrings and say, 'Help us help these kitties!'"

Morrill said ASAP will never turn a cat away.

"We get kittens that are hours old, take in cats that are super, super sick and nurse them back to health," Morrill said. "We take in cats that have been hit by cars and treat them for their injuries. We are a safety net for all cats, and we need the community to help us find permanent homes for them and make their temporary stops here a little faster."

For more information about ASAP, click the following link:

PREVIOUS ARTICLE: The Animal Shelter Assistance Program in Santa Barbara is experiencing a low rate of adoptions. The shelter is now at full capacity.

ASAP has rescued and found loving homes for cats other shelters would not be able to take in because they're too old, too young, have special needs or need some extra help. In order to help with these cats, they need to find forever homes for the cats already in their shelter.

If you'd like to adopt or foster, please visit the ASAP shelter or give them a call at (805)683-3368.



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