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Why are State Street sidewalks so dirty?

Post Fiesta cleanup continues in Santa Barbara

Cleaning State Street's dirty sidewalks

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The usually pristine sidewalks along State Street in Santa Barbara are a little dirtier than normal.

Following a full week of Fiesta fun in the downtown corridor, the streets and sidewalks normally go through a rigorous cleaning. But in the weeks following Old Spanish Days a combination of trying to do the right thing and broken equipment has led to messy-looking sidewalks, bothering businesses and having pedestrians taking a second look.

The Downtown Organization is responsible for power washing the State Street sidewalks. Work that had been suspended.

"We've heard a few complaints from several of the middle blocks," Kate Schwab with the Downtown Organization said. "We were asked by the city to hold off on power washing until all the confetti was cleaned off the sidewalks because that would be a big mushy mess."

Confetti from Fiesta celebrations has long been debated. And the cleanup of the colorful paper does usually take time, as officials try to keep that material from reaching sewers and eventually oceans.

Work to clean the sidewalks had started back up but a broken power washer machine has slowed crews progress. That work normally takes place in the early morning hours during the week. The Downtown Organization has said that normal operations cleaning the sidewalks will continue as soon as possible.

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