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Victim of a near fatal hit and run returns to Santa Barbara to run in the State Street Mile

Drew Daly

The victim of a near fatal hit and run returned to Santa Barbara to run in the State Street Mile. 

Drew Daly, 24, was hit by a car on Cabrillo Boulevard in December of 2016 and left to die. 

He returned to the scene of the accident on Saturday for the first time, just one day before the one mile race down State Street.  

He said he hopes his story of recovery is an inspiration to people. 

"If I can cultivate any positive from all this negative to inspire anyone, I want to," Daly said. 

After the crash, Daly was in a coma, paralyzed on his left side, and suffering from multiple broken bones and head trauma. 

He spent a year of his life in the hospital, and a rehab center learning to walk and talk again. 

Daly still faces challenges in his recovery, but he wanted to run the race to show how hard he is working to get his life back. 

"It's definitely gonna be sort of difficult, but nothing I can't handle," he said. 

Daly crossed the finish line of the State Street Mile on Sunday in a time of 10 minutes. 




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