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Truck goes over the side but driver long gone in Santa Barbara accident

Residents heard the crash in Sycamore Canyon

The driver of this truck was not around when emergency crews arrived at the accident scene off Sycamore Canyon Road Friday afternoon.  (John Palminteri/

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A pickup truck went off the road and into Sycamore Creek Friday afternoon but the driver was not around when emergency crews arrived.

The Santa Barbara Police department says the driver left, possibly in another car.

The Santa Barbara City Fire department was on scene to search the area and make sure no fluids were in the creek.

The accident was in the 1499 block of Sycamore Canyon Road, which has many curves and tight turns.

The cause is not known.

Residents nearby say they heard the crash but did not see the vehicle for about an hour.


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