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Santa Barbara Police Department handled 911 calls during Monday night's outage

The county's dispatch system took a hit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara police dispatchers stepped into action during Monday night's power outages when the county's emergency dispatch system took a hit with the loss of electricity. 

Santa Barbara Police Department spokesman Anthony Wagner told NewsChannel 3 that those 911 emergency calls were rerouted and picked up by the City of Santa Barbara instead.

"We did field approximately 140 countywide 911 calls when the Santa Barbara County dispatch system went down for a short period of time," Wagner said. 

Transmission power lines damaged in the Thomas Fire means intermittent power outages until Southern California Edison (SCE) crews can make repairs.

Wagner said Santa Barbara's Police Department is standing by, ready to help.

"Absolutely. We are well equipped to ensure public health and safety throughout the region and  we'll be working in a mutual aid capacity with all regional providers to ensure public health and safety," Wagner said.

Wagner wanted to remind residents that home security alarm systems reset during power outages. He said don't be quick to call for help and only dial 911 during a true emergency.

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