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Santa Barbara couple creates award-winning and eco-conscious sparkling water

Kopu Pure Sparkling Water

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - You don't have to travel very far to get pure artesian water sourced from below a dormant volcano in New Zealand.

"We tap an artesian aquifer, and we bottle at source in this amazing beautiful area of New Zealand," said Justin Mahy of Santa Barbara.

Mahy and his wife Mindy, are the force behind KOPU Sparkling Water, which is available locally and all over California.

"It's naturally rich in silica which is natures beauty mineral to us. It's always been used for healthy hair, skin and nails," said Mindy Mahy.

The Mahy's have two young children who are also big fans of the family's sparkling water.

"Because the bubbles are fine champagne-like bubbles, it's pretty smooth but it also feels like a treat for the kids," Mindy Mahy said.

The Mahy's launched KOPU, which means "Venus, the Morning Star" in 2017. It's bottled at source in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, where Justin Mahy is from.

The water comes in a resealable aluminum bottle that eliminates waste and is eco-friendly.

"Seventy-five percent of all aluminum ever created in history is still in use. It always gets recycled," Justin Mahy said. "We know the world is drowning in plastic. We have to stop single-use plastic."

KOPU uses maritime transport which also cuts down on carbon emissions.

KOPU was ranked in the top 3 best tasting sparkling waters in the world at the 2018 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.


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