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Rodger's Murderous Rampage Began At Home

Three Bodies Pulled From The Capri Apartments In Isla Vista

Rodger's Murderous Rampage Began At Home

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage began at his own home.

NewsChannel 3 was first to bring you the breaking news that three people were found dead inside his Isla Vista apartment on Seville Road.

"This is all literally happening right outside of my house," said Andy Park.

Park is a UC Santa Barbara student who lives just two doors down from the shooter Rodger.

The premeditated murders all started at apartment 7. In his 141 page manifesto, Rodger identified where he lived -- the Capri Apartment building on Seville Road near Embarcadero del Mar.

He said that is where the murders would begin; first with his two roommates.

NewsChannel 3 was first on scene of the apartment complex crime scene. The coroner's van and a white truck were in the parking lot. Behind the two sets of metal gates, Sheriff's officials were in apartment 7.

Three separate body bags were brought out from the building within an hour and a half.

"The three male victims were apparently stabbed repeatedly with sharp objects and it was a pretty horrific crime scene," said Sheriff Bill Brown at Saturday's press conference.

Brown did not identify who the men were or how they were connected to Rodger. He did say they were killed prior to the shooting rampage. Exactly when they died has not been confirmed.

Park said he did not know his neighbor because Rodger kept to himself and was not friendly.

"The few times I've seen him around, like living in the complex, he would sort of like mugs, and like stares. He wasn't really like a nice face. He didn't even like say hello or anything," said Park.

After at least 14 hours of investigating, the door of the apartment 7 was boarded up.

"I am sort of surprised, even though he kept to himself like I really wouldn't think that it wouldn't come down to something like this. You know what I'm saying? It's just like insane. It's just crazy," said Park.

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