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Rescue in Toro Canyon: Chickens, goats and firefighters

100 Thomas Fire animals get special attention

Chickens goats and Firefighters OH MY- The rescue in Toro Canyon

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. - Fighting a fire is tough. Trying to catch a chicken, might be harder! Thomas Fire heroes took time to feed and relocate stranded animals in Toro Canyon on Thursday.

Ever since the flames ripped through Toro Canyon Monday night, firefighters have been checking up on about 100 birds and two friendly goats. Days after the fire destroyed a home and came dangerously close to the animals enclosure, the animals were without food and water.

"It came close, actually caught part of the enclosure here on fire," firefighter Jay Walter said. "Pretty intense here the other night."

Walter and his crew were up in Toro Canyon on Monday. They put out flames and saved many structures. But it's the animals they saved that have left a lasting mark.

"Went into Carpinteria a little bit ago to a feed store and bought some feed for the chickens and pellets for the goats." Walter said. "Brought a bunch of water up the hill to make sure the animals have water and are looked after until their owners can get back here."

Even with the extra help from Walter and others, Santa Barbara County Fire called animal services to make sure all of them get the proper care. The birds are being checked on and fed on a regular basis. The two goats have been brought to the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Where 541 other evacuated animals have found a new and safe temporary home.

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