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Historic San Ysidro Ranch back open after mudslide forced closure for 15 months

San Ysidro Ranch

MONTECITO, Calif. - The popular and historic San Ysidro Ranch is back open after 15 months of extensive restoration.

The celebrity getaway was damaged during the mudslide on Jan. 9 2018.

In the weeks and months following the disaster, staff worked tirelessly to rebuild, and renovate the property that many call, "The Jewel" of Montecito.

To longtime guests, it means a lot to see the rebirth of the resort.

"Now the ranch is back, we can heal even a little more. We were all waiting for this. Everyone is so excited," said Montecito resident Justine Hamilton.

The 18 cottages that were damaged in the mud flow are like new again. During the renovation, the generations of visitors who wanted the property to remain the same were kept in mind.

"Our goal was to replace everything like for like. Basically guests who are coming back here see exactly what they saw before," said Resort Manager, Maxine Rutledge.

Rutledge said some of the guests whose weddings and special events were canceled last year due to the Thomas Fire and mudslide have waited all this time to return once the San Ysidro Ranch reopened because it was the only place they wanted to celebrate.

"Our accommodations are open, the pool is open, and we are ready for guests to come back home," Rutledge said.

Future guests will also have the chance to see a poignant memorial in the garden. It's a special stone bench with the words, "23 Strong," to honor the 23 victims of the mudslide.




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