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Heavy Valentine's Day rainstorm hits Santa Barbara south coast

Valentines Day rainstorm wakes up Santa Barbara South Coast

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - If you think getting caught in the rain is romantic, then this Valentine’s Day morning was for you.

Heavy rain hit the Santa Barbara south coast Thursday morning, loud enough to wake some people up.

“Loud rain, really loud,” Montecito resident Bernard Sandler said. “Scares my cats too.”

The rain also woke up Montecito’s creeks which were flowing swiftly but without issue after the storm passed. 

Any time there’s heavy rain, those near local flood zones are watching out for flooding or debris flows.

“It does put a lot of our community on alert,” said Montecito resident Danette Estrella. “High alert, obviously. We have to just pay attention. Just taking precautions. And safety, that’s number one. Our safety’s number one.”

Even before the heavy rain hit, Southern California Edison trucks were out working on power lines and underground transformers. Some houses in the Montecito area were without power, though the cause of some outages may not be weather-related.

Sandler said his power had been out since about midnight Thursday. 

“I’m gonna go home and pray for my freezer,” he said with a smile.

The plants aren’t the only ones appreciating the wet winter.

“I’m a summer girl so I like the sun and I appreciate that,” Estrella said. “But the rain is good. Yeah, I’m enjoying it.”

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