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Cruise ship passengers walk past Conception memorial in Santa Barbara

Some pause to reflect

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Passengers from the Island Princess cruise ship walked quietly past the memorial that remains in Santa Barbara for those lost in the recent Conception dive boat disaster.

34 lives were lost in an early morning fire off Santa Cruz Island on September 2.  Five crew members survived.

A memorial by citizens, family members and friends was  created, and still remains, on a fence line near Sea Landing where Conception would normally be docked.

It includes pictures, notes, candles, balloons, dive tanks and numerous flowers.

The waterfront staff has only adjusted the memorial for pedestrian safety but it remains as it was established.

The Island Princess is the first of the cruise ships to stop in Santa Barbara on the fall schedule.   Eleven more will be coming including one this Friday, the Crystal Symphony.

The walkway is where  the passengers come on shore and return.   It connects them with Cabrillo Boulevard, the waterfront walk, and touring services.

Some paused to look at the messages and the overall display.  Others quietly walked by.   It is unknown if they were told in advance about the memorial, or the tragedy.

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