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Train debris damage homes near Goleta

Bott: "This looks like a fan blade"

Chunks of debris damage homes near train tracks

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Residents on Santa Susana Avenue found chunks of debris found throughout their neighborhood in the unincorporated part of Santa Barbara County. 

Several residents say they heard a loud bang which sounded like an explosion after 12:00 p.m. Friday. They're used to hearing loud noises since their homes are parallel to U.S. Highway 101 and train tracks. Many of them thought it was just another car accident on the highway. 

Turns out, an air cooling system on top of a train exploded throwing debris onto the highway and into the neighborhood. According to California Highway Patrol, debris caused a three car pile up on the highway. 

The neighbors looked outside their homes and noticed thick grey colored chunks of debris lying outside their property. Some of the chunks landed on people's rooftops and one piece hit a windshield of a pickup truck. 

"I was actually at work and my neighbor couple doors down sent me a picture text message with my smashed up truck. She said the train hit something, but we think it came from an engine. This looks like a fan blade or something," said Mike Bott, pickup truck owner. 

One of his neighbors found a hole in his roof. Another person living across the street has damages in two areas of his roof. 

Bott and his neighbors say a report was filed with Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. Bott also called and left a voicemail with Amtrak. 

No one was reported injured. 

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