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Bond Fitness gym members help blind and visually impaired community members train for 5k race

Training visually impaired athletes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara's Bond Fitness is pairing up with the Braille Institute to give blind and visually impaired community members the chance to train for a 5k race.

Gym members volunteer their time to guide people from the Braille Institute around the track at Santa Barbara City College and on the nearby bike path. 

“There’s a level of trust that’s so important for the Braille students and our members have supplied that and it has just been a magical event," said Bond Fitness co-owner Stephen Stowe.

"What I love seeing is this community we’ve built in this last four weeks. People who have never interacted with someone with low or no vision, and now people coming together as if they’ve known each other for years," said Susan Cass of the Braille Institute.

The group is training to race on June 26 at Nite Moves in Santa Barbara.

For more information about Bond Fitness, click here.

For more information about the Santa Barbara Braille Institute, click here.





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