Santa Barbara County waives impound fees for runaway dogs through July 6

Some dogs are afraid of fireworks

County shelters wont chrarge fees if...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Some dogs don't mind fireworks, others can't stand the brights lights and noise.

When dogs run away and end up in shelters impound fees can be costly.

Impound fees range from $75 to more than $300 at shelters.

This week pet owners won't have to worry about the cost since Santa Barbara County is offering amnesty.

Community Outreach Coordinator Stacy Silva said, "We are offering our first ever Return to Owner Amnesty period, and what that means is regardless of when an animal got here, we want to get them home, so we are waving all fees."

Silva said that includes vaccination, boarding, and licensing fees.

Amnesty will make room for other dogs and cats in the shelter this month.

Pet stores including the Montecito Pet Shop, on the Mesa in Santa Barbara, offer Fourth of July safety tips. They sell distraction toys and calming aids that can help.

Kelly Michalak said customers usually come in the day before the fourth and ask for help.

"So many families lose pets on the Fourth of July. We have remedies for mild anxiety."

Pets with extreme cases should be taken to see a veterinarian.

Michalak said staying home and comforting your pets may be the best medicine on the Fourth of July.


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