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Synagogue shooting in San Diego hits close to home for SLO Jewish community

Jewish community in San Luis Obispo reacts to synagogue shooting

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The synagogue shooting in San Diego is hitting close to home for the Jewish community in San Luis Obispo.

Chaim Hilel of the Rhor Center for Jewish Life – Chabad for SLO & Cal Poly was on his way to the funeral in San Diego Monday morning.

While he didn't know the victims of this weekend's shooting personally, his wife Miki explained that in times like this, the Jewish community always comes together.

Hilel described Chabad as an extremely close network.

“Here in San Luis Obispo, we serve the Cal Poly community. We have students all the time. We're there for them in any way. We have dinners. We're their family,” Hilel said.

Every week, Hilel says about 100 Jewish students get together for a Shabbat dinner.

Hilel said the San Luis Obispo County Police Department has already reached out to offer their assistance to tighten security during their services.

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