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Police arrest two people involved in counterfeiting pharmaceutical prescriptions in Paso Robles

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - Paso Robles police arrested two people involved in counterfeiting pharmacy prescriptions on Monday morning in Paso Robles. 

The Paso Robles Police Department responded to a Rite Aid Pharmacy on the 1100 block of Creston Road regarding fraudulent prescriptions. 

The pharmacist reported a suspicious trend from a patient named Robert McDaniel who had picked up several prescriptions of painkillers over the past two months. 

The prescriptions were made out to different names but all stemmed from one dentist office. 

The pharmacist called the prescribing dentist office but each time the receptionist gave an excuse why the dentist could not speak on the phone. 

The pharmacist then refused to fill any more prescriptions until she spoke directly with the dentist. 

Officers responded to the dentist office where they contacted an employee Anacristina McDaniel,29, of Shandon and her husband Robert McDaniel, 31, of Shandon. 

Robert was not employed by the dentist. 

Officers found that Anacristina had stolen numerous prescription pads and submitted prescriptions to several pharmacies in Paso Robles and Atascadero without the knowledge of the dentist at her pace of work. 

Both Anacristina and Robert McDaniel were arrested for forgery of a fraudulent prescription, possession of narcotics, conspiracy to commit crime and burglary. 

Robert McDaniel was additionally charged with violation of probation. 

Both are booked at the San Luis Obispo County Jail. 

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