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Oceano artist co-op raising money for Camp Fire victims

Silent auction at The Place Saturday afternoon

Oceano artist coop raising mone for...

OCEANO, Calif. - Central Coast artists and craftspeople are joining forces to raise money for the victims of the deadly and devastating Camp Fire that destroyed the northern California town of Paradise in Butte County.

They're donating work for a silent auction fundraiser on Saturday afternoon at The Place, a new artist co-op in Oceano.

The Place is located in the the former nursery at the intersection of Highway 1, Front Street and 13th Street.

The co-op houses a wide variety of items for sale, from the iconic and traditional to the sublime.

"The nursery is one of the vital parts of this business", said Damon Cardwell, a volunteer with The Place, "but it's art, design, antiques and plants along with all of the craft workshop things."

Work from local artists and craftspeople will be put up for silent auction on Saturday afternoon with all proceeds going to the Camp Fire Fund to help those who lost everything in the devastating fire last month.

"We have gathered our artists and craftspeople and skilled friends of The Place to donate items for auction and this will be a fundraiser of incredible art design, antiques, plants, what have you", Cardwell said.

The non-profit organization is looking to expand with an artist in residency program with a plan to remodel the old Oceano firehouse directly across 13th Street.

"We would love to spread out and get artist residencies a proper gallery and things like that going on across the street", Cardwell said.

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