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Community members share input on Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant decommission at public forum

Company discussed rate hikes to cover costs

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Community members were invited to share their thoughts on the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant decommissioning project at a public forum on Wednesday. 

During the first phase of the hearing, PG&E and other groups participating in the nuclear decommissioning proceedings shared brief presentations. 

According to PG&E representatives, the cost of decommissioning Diablo Canyon will be $4.8 billion. This includes the cost of tearing down the power plant. 

PG&E also shared information to help the public understand the overall proceedings and the potential for a rate hike to cover the costs of decommissioning the plant.

In an email statement they provided the following information:

  • The current monthly Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding (NDCTP) charge to customers is $0.41 per month and is only for Humboldt Bay Power Plant (HBPP) Unit 3.
  • PG&E is not currently collecting for Diablo Canyon Power Plant decommissioning through the NDCTP charge.
  • If the 2018 NDCTP is approved, there will be a $1.98 increase on customers' bills for decommissioning, which will bring the total charge to $2.39 per month.
  • These figures are for non-CARE(California Alternative Rates for Energy) accounts.

A public forum was held right after the informational forum where more than a dozen community members shared their input.

Alex Karlin came to share his input, and worries about the potential rate hike.

"I think PG&E has asked for an enormous hike rate increase. I think it's inflated, and they're asking for more than they deserve."

A subsequent hearing was held Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the County Government Center.

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