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Cal Poly announces start of yearlong diversity and inclusion initiative

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Cal Poly's first phase of their yearlong diversity and inclusion initiative, Cal Poly Experience (CPX), will begin with listening sessions in March, according to the university.

A campus-wide survey will follow the listening sessions in April.

Both the listening sessions and survey are facilitated by the partnership between the university and equity, diversity and inclusion expert Damon A. Williams along with his team at the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation. 

According to the university, CPX it is about achieving a better understanding of the cross section of people's identities, experiences as well as their challenges in order to create meaningful solutions.

"Cal Poly is dedicated to cultivating a more inclusive, equitable and diverse environment so that every member of the campus community feels welcome and knows they belong," President Jeffrey D. Armstong said. " To reach our goals, we need and want input from every single student, faculty change."

President Armstong hopes that every campus member will participate in the confidential opportunities to share their perspectives related to equality, diversity, and inclusion on campus. 

The university will use the data gathered from CPX to create and implement action plans that can help in the success and retention of Cal Poly students, faculty and staff.

Listening sessions will be held between Mar. 12 and 14.  Approximately 50 sessions will be offered to gather first-hand accounts from campus members.

Campus members can find a session by visiting the university's webstie.

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