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Arroyo Grande widower reunites with late wife

Widower receives diamond made out of wife's ashes

Arroyo Grande widower reunites with late wife

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - An Arroyo Grande widower reunited with his late wife on Wednesday morning. Randy Huhn turned his partner's ashes into a diamond. The jewel was finally delivered after months in the making.


Earlier this year, Huhn reached out to Texas-based business Eterneva, which transforms cremains into diamonds. 


“It's like Christmas all over again --can't wait to see what's inside of it,” Huhn said as he looked inside the Eterneva red gift bag that had just been dropped off at his home. 


His wife, Debbie Huhn, lost her battle to cancer in January 2018.


“I wish she was sitting here to see this. She would love this,” said Huhn.


Mrs. Huhn, a former teacher, was a firm believer in 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' --which is why when Randy read an article about Eterneva, he knew what he had to do. 


San Luis Obispo native and Eterneva co-founder, Adelle Archer, explained in a May 2018 interview with KCOY how the company works. 


"We are extracting the carbon from [ashes] during a carbon purification process. And we have these amazing machines simulating growing conditions as under the earth, under high temperature, high pressure. Over time it turns into a raw diamond,” she said. 


The process takes several months. 


“[When] the call came and they said Debbie's coming home, that was very exciting,” Huhn shared.   


The widower said Wednesday's homecoming was especially endearing after the last few weeks.


“First it was Thanksgiving, and then what would've been our 40th anniversary. Then her birthday and then Christmas. So that's been tough to get through, but looking forward to this coming helped a lot.”


The diamond is the same color as Debbie's eyes. 


“It's a blue diamond, about one third of a carat. It's just gorgeous,” Huhn said. 


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