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Arroyo Grande gets 20 new affordable housing apartment units

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - The Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) and the City Arroyo Grande celebrated new affordable housing units coming to Arroyo Grande with a wall-raising on Thursday. 

The city of Arroyo Grande will get 20 new apartments that were sponsored by HASLO and its affiliate the San Luis Obispo non-profit Housing Corporation. 

Public officials attended the wall-raising ceremony and began with writing "best wishes" to the future residents of the new apartment units on plywood board with brightly colored permanent markers. 

The attendees nailed the board to the building framing so that it would be a permanent part of it. 

There will be one, two and three bedroom apartments available that will feature rents as low as 50 percent of what market rents are.

The Halcyon Collective is what the name of the project is and it is being built to strict Green Point Environmental standards according to HASLO representatives. 

Solar panels will be installed on site which will account for all the common area energy usage as well as half of the tenant energy usage. 

The driveway, walkway and parking areas will be covered in permeable concrete and pavers to help storm water quickly get back into the ground water basin for reuse. 

A greywater system will be constructed for the laundry facilities so that water may be reused for landscaping purposes.

HASLO hopes to improve and transform lives with the completion of this new affordable housing project. 

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will also hold a hearing on whether to adopt changes in its Inclusionary Housing Title 29 Program and local CEQA procedures on Tuesday.

The procedures were recommended by the Coalition of Housing Partners which a group that includes HASLO, the chamber of commerce, the Home Builders Association and other non-profits. 


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