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Aquatics Center opens at Morro Bay High School

MORRO BAY, Calif. - A brand new aquatics center featuring a full size competition water polo pool opened Friday afternoon at Morro Bay High School.

The project was funded by Measure D, a $178 million investment in San Luis Obispo Unified School District campuses. 

 "Our students out here for years have had to drive to cuesta or to Cayucos to use a smaller pool," said superintendent Eric Prater. "Fortunately that is no longer the case, and our students and the community benefit."

The pool and its facilities will be used for P.E classes, water sports, and for the community to enjoy as well. 

"It will be fun for us to use, but even more fun for the students," said Jeff Gardner, whose daughter plays water polo. "I am so happy they spent the money to do it. I know it is a lot of money, but here in Morro Bay, it's worth it."

To mark the opening, the U.S. Water Polo Womens Senior Team stopped by the school to sign autographs and hold open practice. 

"We're always looking for new pools to generate more excitement in our sport," said US Womens Olympic National Team head coach Adam Krikorian. "Hopefully this generates that excitement and who knows maybe one day down the line  there will be someone on our national team program that is representing Morro Bay and participating and representing our country as well."


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