Woman shares scary encounter with Lyft driver

Woman shares scary encounter with Lyft driver

GOLETA, Calif. - A UC Santa Barbara student is questioning the safety of using Lyft after a scary encounter with a driver.

Last week Haley Wade ordered a ride from Lyft after a night out in Goleta.

When she double-checked the request, she knew something was "off."

"I noticed the guy on the Lyft app didn't have a license plate that was normal; it only had numbers," Wade said.

When the driver pulled up to the location, Wade questioned him about it.

"I said like "Hey your license plate doesn't match on the Lyft app is that okay?' and he was like, "Just get in the car, get in the car!'" Wade adds, "Then he got really aggressive and started yelling at us to get in the car."

Wade refused and later contacted Lyft. The company apologized and sent Wade a gift card.

Wade said the incident shows that women are more vulnerable when using ride-sharing apps, like Lyft and Uber.

"I totally get that I am just one girl in this huge Lyft world, but they really need to look at this and they need to say this is happening," Wade said.

Santa Barbara resident Patricia Guerrera started a ride-sharing company called SB Rides after seeing multiple stories in the news similar to Wades. 

"I do provide rides for everyone, but specifically for women and kids so they feel safer with another woman driver," Guerrera said.

Wade said she supports Guerrera's idea of women driving women.

"Women have to be looking out for each other now," Wade said. "We have to make sure we are going to be in a safe environment."

To request an SB Ride, please call 805-637-6334

To learn more about Santa Barbara Rides, click here.






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